Promoting a B2B business online can be challenging but it is far from impossible. Consider the following offsite marketing tips for B2B businesses if you want to attract new customers to your B2B business and keep your existing customers coming back. These tried and proven methods are sure to work for any company regardless of location, size or industry.

Make a Plan

One of the most important offsite marketing tips for B2B business owners is to create a plan.

Some important things to consider when drawing up a marketing plan include:

  • What is your target audience?
  • What is the main goal of your marketing plan? Do you want more businesses to purchase goods for you? Are you trying to promote a particular product or service? Alternatively, are you trying to generate name recognition so your products/services sell better?
  • What types of content do you want to create?
  • How much content do you want to create?
  • What social media channels do you want to use?
  • Do you want to create guest posts for other blogs? If so, what blogs so you want to target?

Know Your Audience

It's not enough to pick your target audience. You need to get to know them well in order to create content that suits their exact needs.

MYOB, a business management company that operates in Australia and New Zealand, is a great example of a company that has taken the time to get to know its audience and provide them with the right solutions at just the right time. The company determined that it had two main target audiences and created specific content for each one. What is more, MYOB keeps track of what its customers need as they continue working with the company and then provides top quality content to fill ongoing needs so customers don't need to go anywhere else to find the information they are looking for.

Create Top Quality Content

Not all content is king. Only top-quality content is king.

Business owners want more from B2B businesses than customers expect from B2C businesses. Make time to write in-depth content with plenty of stats, facts and figures to back your points up. Provide as much useful, actionable information in your content as you can. Your existing customers will greatly appreciate it while potential customers will quickly realize that you are an authority in your field and that you know what you are talking about.

Use a Variety of Channels and Content Creation Options

Even companies that are successful in marketing their B2B business need to try new channels and content creation options from time to time.

Content Creation Options

There are many ways to explain your message to your audience. Here are some particularly popular ones for your consideration:

  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Interviews with industry leaders
  • Newsletters
  • Company magazine
  • Podcasts

Channels for Posting Content

Most sites offering offsite marketing tips to B2B business owners will list commonly used marketing channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. Following is a list of sites that aren't commonly used but have the potential to be very effective:

  • Medium. Medium has over six million users and can give your site a boost that you can't get from simply publishing content on your own site. NextView Ventures is one of the many companies that has found Medium to be a great place to successfully publish targeted content.
  • SlideShareSlideShare is a free service that allows you to post presentations on a wide range of topics. You can also easily embed your documents to your website.
  • eBook Retailers. Become a published author with ease by submitting your eBook to sites such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobe and Scribd. You will not only gain backlinks but also exposure.

Other Offsite Marketing Tips for B2B Business Owners

  • Be natural. Don't pretend to be something you're not. It's fine to use complicated language if you are a professor and your clients all have advanced degrees. If this is not the case, then use the language you usually use when talking with your existing and potential clients.
  • Use humor from time to time. Everyone enjoys a bit of humor as long as it does not poke fun at a particular group of people.
  • Tell your brand story so your customers can connect with you. A personal connection will go a long way in getting and retaining customers.

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