Who we are

Brandgy is a team of experienced, successful designers, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts who love brand design. We understand the frustration small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs feel when they o must spend valuable time and resources searching for just the right name, logo and domain name – the starting elements for a complete brand. For them, the process can be expensive and often tedious, pulling their attention away from other aspects of successfully running their business. But for us, the brand design process is our passion.

What we do

We think of possible company names that work for various types of businesses. We research the domain name availability and we even design a unique, eye-catching logo that sets the lucky business that acquires the brand apart from its competitors. Our brand designs are perfect for high-tech startups, retail, local service businesses, or any other type of company. In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have because you will find something you love among our vast collection of branded domain names.

We make branding simple

We make the entire branding process simple for our customers by providing branded domain names that are ready to roll as soon as you select the one that perfectly captures the essence of your business. The logo our design team creates matches the energy and feeling of the chosen company name, and the whole brand comes together with the branded domain names. Make your selection from our collection and in a few minutes, your business has a branded Internet presence that expresses your ideal vision.

Brandgy gets you up and running fast

Buying branded domain names for your business saves you the time, the expense, and the endless back and forth discussions with graphic designers who don’t understand your vision. Both you and the designer are frustrated as you try to explain what you have in mind. You know that you’ll recognize the right brand when you see it, but nothing the designer presents exactly captures the vision in your mind.

Realize your vision for your company with brand design from Brandgy

That’s not a problem when you work with Brandgy, a company experienced in all aspects of brand design. Most business owners feel an instant connection to one of our designs and are ready to adopt it right away. Our top-notch design team can assist by tweaking logos or color schemes if necessary to incorporate an idea or a favorite color for you if necessary, so everything is exactly as you want it.

Get started today

Don’t saddle your business with an amateurish logo or an inconsistent brand when for less money than you would pay a designer just for a logo, you can have a full brand package. Make sure that your customers recognize and identify your brand right from the start with a distinctive, unique brand design that matches a logo, company name, and domain name to present a cohesive image that captures and expresses the essence of your business.