How long can a domain name be? The benefits of utilizing short domain names in branding.

When your company ventures online, choosing a domain to enhance your online presence is one of your most crucial decisions. While it can be appealing to attempt to save by picking a long, unknown domain name, your investment in a short, easy-to-remember domain will ultimately pay off. A host of different domain options include new domain name extensions being released daily.

Not sure how long can a domain name be? The sky is the limit. However, here are a few advantages of using a short domain name.

Short Domain Names are Easy to Say

When you meet prospective buyers and suppliers, having a domain name that you can state aloud without spelling it out is beneficial to your new relationship. Each time someone hears your stylish domain name, the complete company brand becomes better lodged in their minds.

You drastically increase the possibilities that someone will write down your URL to check it out later if it's short, to the point, and memorable. Also, when happy customers wish to tell their pals about your company, the short domain helps here too. Make it easy for people to spread your brand through word of mouth.


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Short Domain Names are Easy to Remember

People are more likely to forget your domain name if it combines numerous irrelevant words.

For example, is the website or is it

The more difficult your domain is to remember, the less likely you will get a repeat site visit. Because it frequently takes three or more site visits before a person is ready to place an order, losing repeat visitors costs you sales.

Easy-to-remember URLs are also helpful in building a stronger brand. Your company's name, logo design, slogan, and URL will all fit concurrently in possible customers' minds, thus creating a stronger identity and building trust.

Short Domain Names Exhibit Commitment

Web surfers are now competent enough to understand that a short domain is an investment.

Therefore having one for your company lets consumers know you have invested in a professional image. Domains like and carry more weight and authority than domains like, as we talked about above. People are more willing to do business with a company that gives the impression of having significant brand name authority behind it.


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Short Domain Names are Simple for Mobile Visitors

People are surfing the web from their mobile phones and tablets more and more. According to Statistica, mobile traffic presently represents approximately 51.53% of web traffic, hovering around the 50% mark since 2017.

Keeping a concise URL makes your website simpler for mobile usage, consequently, more mobile user visits. Optimize your website for mobile use or risk losing up to 50% of potential consumers.

In Summary

It's better to not focus on how long can a domain name be, but focus on how can I get a short, relevant, and powerful domain for my business.

While you are not likely to locate available stylish and short domain names through registrars, there are numerous available when looking within a secondary market. Namecheap Domain Auction is an excellent secondary market to try first.

Make sure to examine choices relevant to your anticipated business in order to discover the domain which best suits you. The cost of a branding-friendly domain may be higher at the start. However, the increased traffic and more significant sales mean your investment in your well-branded website will ultimately pay off.

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