Given the fact that YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, it would seem that it is enough on its own to bring in the traffic and clients your online business needs. However, video on its own is not enough to boost your SEO. There are a number of compelling reasons why you should transcribe your video content, including that it is imperative to your site's standing in Google.

Improving Your Standing on YouTube

YouTube can make it possible for you to earn a first page rank for important keywords far faster than would have otherwise been possible. Because the social media channel is owned by Google, there are almost always at least a few relevant videos right at the top of search engine queries.

While you can do well on YouTube by simply adding a detailed description and keywords when uploading your video, it is far better to transcribe your video content and upload the full transcript when possible. Doing so ensures that YouTube and Google know exactly what your video is about. What is more, your transcript is likely to contain a few important keywords that you want to rank well for.

Transcribe Your Video Content to Improve Your Standing in Google

Many business blogs include embedded videos. Using videos to explain a particular point to your audience is a wise idea. It can make otherwise boring subjects entertaining and engaging. It can decrease your bounce rate as people stay longer on your page than they would have otherwise. Many people enjoy watching a video more than reading text and video content is more likely to go viral than text content.

Adding a transcript of your video to your website does not detract from any of the benefits of having video content. Instead, it adds to them. Google's algorithm can't read your video to understand what it's about, but it can read your text transcript. Adding the text to your page will boost the blog post's standing in Google's search engine results.

Furthermore, Google is known to prefer long, detailed content over short blog posts. If you give a webinar that is half-hour long or even longer, chances are your content is more than 2,000 words. Long blog posts of this nature tend to get a lot of views as they show that you are an expert in your field.

It is also worth noting that having a transcript can make it easier for people to link to your site than would have otherwise been possible. Busy content creators and marketers in your niche may not have time to watch your video but may very well have time to scan your text to find important information that they can link to.

Benefiting Your Customers

While many people prefer video content to text content, not everyone does. There are some people who would rather read and study the text than watch the video. Hearing impaired people may not be able to view your video but they can read what you wrote.

When you transcribe your video content, you are offering a great service to your readers. It shows that you care about all of them and want to impart your knowledge even to those who can't or would prefer not to watch the video.

Making Your Work Easier

Boredom and fatigue are common problems experienced by content creators of all ages and walks of life. Many people, especially those who have been maintaining a business blog for many years, find it difficult to come up with new topics to write about.

Transcribing your video content can provide you with blog post ideas that will enable you to share top quality content with your readers on an ongoing basis. There are many ways you can turn your video content into blog posts for your blog:

  • Create a presentation with the most important information and graphs/images from your video. Upload it to SlideShare and then embed it on your blog.
  • Create an infographic presenting important stats used in the video.
  • Write an eBook based on the video. Offer it as a free download to anyone who signs up to your website.
  • Use images and quotes from your video to create cool memes.

How to Transcribe Your Video Content

If you don't have time to transcribe your video content on your own, make sure you have a professional do it for you. Double-check the transcript to make sure it is accurate and free from spelling or grammar mistakes.

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