The perfect domain name is the focal point of your online advertising and marketing method. If you choose wisely, customers can easily find your business. If you choose poorly, you might give your competition an advantage when customers can't find you. Brandgy knows that while your domain name is essential for SEO purposes, it's just as, if not more, important for branding. So what to consider when buying a domain name? The perfect domain name will define your business while improving branding and SEO functions.  

What to Consider When Buying a Domain Name For Your Brand

Think About the Entire Package

Do you have a company name? If not, select one with a readily available matching domain name. If yes, the perfect domain name is one that you can quickly link to your existing brand. When your domain name coherently fits within your branding, it is less complicated for customers to locate your website. Consequently, customers will easily find you, sign up for services, and hopefully provide referrals to friends and family.

When considering a domain name to fit your brand, think of the entire package consisting of:

  • Your company name displayed outside your office
  • Your website domain name
  • Your company logo
  • Your social networks account names
  • Any marketing items you might utilize

Some companies target SEO keyword phrases when considering a domain name. This targeting works best when it comes off as natural and not gimmicky, as that could create customer uncertainty. The perfect domain name must share your intended branding and inspire confidence.  


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Conduct Opposition Research

Prior to choosing a domain name, make certain to take a look at your competitors. Inspect variants of your prospective domain to guarantee it isn't too comparable to your competitors. Or else, you might inadvertently refer service to the competitors!

A couple of research channels you can look into are:

  • Check Google for variants of your preferred domain name. Make sure to try alternative domain name extensions such as .com, .co, .biz, and any brand-new Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions that might be favored in your industry.
  • Search your Secretary of State's registry for comparable company names near your location as well as their domain names.
  • Ensure you are not infringing on existing intellectual property or trademarks.

Some highly competitive companies might also purchase several variations of their selected domain name to guarantee that a competitor does not take their business or web traffic. Additionally, some companies go one step further and acquire typical misspellings of their domain name.

Did you locate the perfect domain name but see that somebody currently possesses it? If the URL isn't actively in use, you can try and negotiate to buy that perfect domain name.  

Think Short and Memorable

Research shows that short and memorable domain names best enhance a brand. According to Dr. Karl Ulrich, a Wharton professor, having a domain name with seven characters or fewer is ideal. 7% of traffic is lost when a domain is ten characters, and the loss continues as the domain name grows.

Many companies flourish with brand and domain names consisting of favorable, detailed words, but this might not be true for all companies. Consider words that not only enhance your brand but attract your customers. Are your customers looking for motivating words or maybe humorous words?

Then make sure your selected words are visually appealing as a short URL and in print for signs, business cards, and advertising. If customers can easily remember your URL, they can readily type it into their search engine!  


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Select Something Easy on the Ears

Think about how easy your domain name is to say and spell. Did you use a common word but a unique spelling? Can you tell someone your URL when you are out and about, and they can still recall it once they return home? Or will they type in the URL of your competitors? You have a better chance to be remembered with a short and memorable domain name that matches your brand.

And don't forget to think about how your domain name sounds, especially as voice searching via Siri or Alexa is becoming the norm.

Your domain name is an essential facet of your company's brand; however, it is not a complete technique. Make sure to review the online presence of your company.