Website Design

We like WordPress.

It is simple, effective and inexpensive.

There is no reason to spend an absolute fortune on coding a website from scratch with the technology available today. With WordPress you can quickly develop a beautiful client facing website and update the content yourself (or delegate the tasks to someone in your office). You don’t need to call a developer every time you want to make a change, or to post a new blog article.

Why Spend More if You Don’t Have To?

We have run large teams of developers for custom development in both .NET and PHP developing custom online applications. This custom software took years to develop and hundreds of thousands dollars in developer expense. Even in those instances, we used WordPress to manage audience facing blog content because of its ease of implementation, ongoing maintenance, and low cost. Unless you’re a software developer and are anticipating selling the application or creating a SaaS application, there’s no reason for a big development expense.

What About Marketing?

Quality WordPress templates and themes are well optimized structurally for search engine optimization and offer a virtually unlimited selection of designs and layouts. It is much better to save money on the development costs on a website and have a budget to market your business effectively versus to spend all of the budget on building a site that no one will ever find.

We have seen time and time again where a software development firm will oversell website development to a client ($100,000 plus) and they come to us with nothing left in the budget for marketing. Obviously, it is in the software development firms’ best interests to maximize the development spend and capture the entire budget. It doesn’t matter to them if you make sales or not – they even get to charge you for maintenance and fixes all along the way. Unfortunately it’s not in the client’s long-term best interest – they have a great site but make no sales.

In the above example, it is much better to spend $10,000 to create a beautiful forward facing client website that includes all of the stock images, extensive well-written content, and optimized for search engines. You then have $90,000 to market and get customers that will immediately add to the bottom line.

What is the Point?

It sounds simple, but you always have to keep your eye on what will generate business for your company.

Since we do both sides of this equation here at Brandgy, we would put the majority of the budget towards getting new business and new customers. This benefits us as the moment that you see the return of each marketing dollar (getting $2 in new business for each $1 spent in marketing – a 100% return) on your bottom line, you will continue to market your company online with Brandgy.

That is the difference between a “one-touch” agreement (the software development company in this example) and an ongoing marketing partnership with Brandgy. It is in our best interests for you to continue to make sales.

Would you like to learn more?

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