Video branding is one of the most effective ways to promote your company and its products and/or services. Recent statistics show that a landing page video can boost your website conversion rate by up to 80% and increase your email click-through rate by anywhere from 200% to 300%. Furthermore, on-topic videos can boost brand association by up to 139%. There are a number of ways you can brand your company using video content and no one method is inherently better than another. Instead, you will need to consider the following options to see which one best portrays your company, its employees, and your goods and services.

Explanatory Videos

The name may sound a bit dull and boring but the fact is that seeing a visual explanation of who you are and what you do increases potential customers' interest in your website.

Explanatory videos may be:

  • Fully animated
  • Use animations in conjunction with the non-animated film
  • Be entirely non-animated.

In any case, an explanatory video should not last longer than a few minutes and should only highlight one to three important points related to your products and/or services. These “explainer videos” are great to show potential SaaS customers your service and give them a walkthrough of the software.

Video Branding with Vlogs

Vlogs are typically no longer than five minutes in length and discuss a single topic that may or may not be directly related to your company. Tech industries typically use Vlogs to provide interesting information related to their industry; YouTube celebrities use Vlogs as well to communicate ideas, share information, or simply make people laugh.


Presentation videos naturally take more planning than short promotional videos; even so, the additional time and effort invested are well worth it. Find someone in your company who is a charismatic speaker and have them give a 20-minute presentation about one of your company's products, your services, or an industry-related topic your potential clientele is sure to find interesting.

The presentation should be accompanied by visual aids such as:

  • Graphics,
  • Photos
  • Short animations
  • Charts

These helpful aides that help people remember your message clearly.

It is also important for the presenter to be appropriately dressed. Women should avoid gaudy jewelry, heavy make-up, and revealing clothing while men should wear casual business wear or a suit. Tattoos should be covered unless they are part of your branding strategy (as would be the case for tattoo parlors or perhaps some bars).

Event Videos

Event videos can be risky in some instances s part of a video branding strategy.

Those in the video are typically not following a script so there is no guarantee that the video will come out just as you had in mind. However, the benefits of creating event videos outweigh the disadvantages. People enjoy seeing other people in action and event videos can help your customers get to know you better or learn more about the importance of your industry. If you host or take part in a well-planned event, document it via video and share it with the general public.

Product Overview Videos

Help people get to know one of your new products by creating a video all about this product. It sounds difficult to do, but can be outsourced quickly and inexpensively.

This video should be short and to the point and may feature a theme such as:

  • Comparing your product with competitors
  • General introduction on how to assemble and use your product
  • Advanced usages for your product
  • Showcasing how your product has been used in a recent movie or TV show.

Where Should You Start Video Branding?

The starting point for creating successful branding videos is to know who the videos are meant to appeal to. Potential target audiences include:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Parents
  • Teenagers
  • Millennials
  • Baby boomers
  • The elderly
  • People of a particular ethnicity

Once you know who to target, consider what type of video would most appeal to your potential clients. For instance, a company that is selling products to other businesses may want to create presentation videos that offer insightful information that would appeal to other businessmen and women. Those targeting young people, on the other hand, will find that social media videos and vlogs are the best options in many instances. Alternatively, you may want to experiment with various types of branding videos to see if any one type is the most successful.

Video branding is a great addition to your content marketing toolbox and creates a lot of impact when mixed with other forms of content marketing. Good luck!