It is the words and graphics that fill the pages of your website and serves a valuable purpose. Yet, a lot of small business owners feel a bit in the dark when it comes to content marketing and this lack of knowledge can cause huge problems in a business model online. So, what is content marketing for small business exactly and what can it do for you? Check out this detailed layout of how you can use content marketing as a small business owner to grow your sales, boost website traffic, and evolve into a more noteworthy online entity.

Content marketing works when ads do not.

Years ago, getting the word out about your business was all about building the best online ads. However, internet users are much savvier and able to get to what they want without distractions of ads. In fact, as of 2015, 200 million people had some form of ad-blocking software installed on their computers, which means if you are counting on ads to do your marketing and build your brand, you could very well be wasting your time. So, what do you do when ads are ignored? You gear your small business marketing efforts toward things you know the consumer will see, like the content on your website.

Content marketing can be the deciding factor between which sites see traffic and which ones do not.

You may think that your small business website garners traffic primarily because of its incredible design or the great products you offer, but the fact is, the biggest successes in small online business website traffic comes from astounding content marketing efforts. If you create a website that serves the dual purpose of getting consumers to connect with you and help boost traffic response, it must be filled with valuable, interesting, and SEO-rich content on every page that is easy for search engines to find.

Make sure you put forth the effort to beef up your small business website with valuable content:

  • on the home, about us, and contact pages
  • in product descriptions and product category headings
  • in the incorporated blog relative to your business or industry

Content marketing for small business helps to support brand recognition.

If there is one thing that can help your small business get a stable hold in commerce so you can grow and flourish, it is brand recognition. Personalized, personable, and informative content on a website helps to build a silently communicated relationship between your small business and consumers. The value of the content consumers are provided with on the pages of your website affects three important things:

  1. how long the consumer spends on your website
  2. how reliable a customer feels you are as a company
  3. how a customer perceives your business brand in general

All of these things can effectively support brand recognition. The more time you spend creating and developing content for your site that is relatable, reliable, and readable, the stronger the customer can connect to what you have to say, which helps develop a good sense of brand respect.

The bottom line is this, if you want to see your small online business grow, content marketing should be a major topic of concern. If you want a better understanding of how content marketing for small business should work, contact our online marketing experts at Brandgy.