Seth Godin is one of the best known marketers in the country. Thankfully, he doesn't keep the secrets of his success to himself. Following is some actionable advice he offers that can help you succeed in your content marketing niche. These Seth Godin content marketing tips are simple, inexpensive to implement but can have amazing consequences.

Be Natural

Some bloggers who want to stand out as an authority in their field try to use big words and fancy phrases to impress their audience. Seth Godin, however, does just the opposite. He writes in plain, simple English that just about anyone can understand. The result is blog posts that appeal to a wide audience.

What is more, it is clear from reading Seth Godin's blog that he doesn't put a priority on keyword usage. This seems to go against every big of content marketing advice you will hear from just about any other expert; however, the fact that he writes for readers and not for search engines is just one of the many reasons why he has so many fans and followers.

Use Questions

Questions arouse interest. They make people want to know the answer. If you use a question as the title of your blog post, people are likely to read at least part of the post just to find out the answer. This tried and proven Seth Godin content marketing tactic is repeatedly used in his blog and gets great results.

Blog Daily

Blogging daily is not easy, especially if you think you have to create long, detailed blog posts in order to attract traffic and customers. Thankfully, there are ways to make blogging easier and simpler so you can provide a regular stream of quality content to your blog visitors. Many websites use aggregate marketing or content curation to come up with regular blog posts. These tactics are effective because they enable you to blog regularly without having to come up with all the content yourself.

Seth Godin, on the other hand, uses a different tactic that is worth taking a look at. If you take a look at his blog, you will find that some posts are as long as two pages many are no longer than a paragraph or two. He writes his blog posts in advance and then lines them up to be published on certain days. Having his content ready in advance gives him the freedom to remove posts from his list or postpone publishing them in favor of putting out other types of content if need be.

Get Rid of Distractions

One Seth Godin content marketing tactic that every blogger would do well to implement is to get rid of any distractions that hinder the writing process. Seth Godin does not attend meetings because he feels that his time would be better spent getting help from individuals rather than large groups of people. He does not watch TV because it distracts him from his job. He also doesn't allow comments on his blog because he doesn't want to spend time monitoring and answering them.

Reward your Readers

Rewarding your readers not only makes them want to keep coming back to your blog but also encourages them to promote your work by sharing your blog posts with others in their network. Seth Godin kept this principle in mind when he wrote books, offering a pre-release Kindle version of one of his eBooks for just $1.00. You can use this principle by offering a discount coupon, freebie, free whitepaper, free or discounted app or some other desirable item to show your readers that you appreciate their interest in your business.

Other Important Seth Godin Content Marketing Tips

While the above mentioned points are some of the most important Seth Godin content marketing tips to pay attention to, there are others that are well worth a look:

  • Find your passion and specialize in it.
  • Tell stories. People love and remember them
  • Publish. It doesn't matter how many blog posts you write or how well they are written if you don't publish them.
  • Know your audience. Find out who would be interested in what you have to say and write for them.

Using these content marketing tips won't make you the next Seth Godin. What they will do is help you convey your message as authentically and attractively as possible. Thankfully, you don't have to go it alone if you don't have much experience with content creation and marketing or simply don't have the time to provide quality content on a regular basis. Brandgy offers a variety of great content marketing services, including content and social media post creation, content management and stock images to enhance your blog posts. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you create the winning content your blog needs and deserves.