Press releases have long been used to inform readers and other businesses in a specific industry of company news, new product development, mergers and more. What most business owners don't realize is that you can also use press release marketing to grow your brand at any stage of development.

Creating a Shareable Press Release

What is a press release and why should you worry about making it shareable? A press release allows you to speak confidently and informatively about your brand in a way that gets attention from the media as well as other industry influencers. Informational websites in your field are always looking for new content to share as readers want to remain in the know, so mastering the art of press release marketing is essential. Whether you represent a startup company or a corporation with dozens of employees, press releases will remain an important way to communicate everything from company changes to new product offerings throughout the life of your business.

The headline is one of the most important aspects of creating a press release. It should be both descriptive enough to communicate the most important idea within the announcement and catchy enough to make readers want to click through and read it. When it comes to the language of the press release, keep things professional yet conversational. A press release should always inform readers of new information, so it is important to remain concise and educational rather than overly promotional or personal.

Free Publicity

A major benefit of press releases is that they offer free publicity. News outlets and industry journals often write articles based on recent press releases, so a well-written press release could generate high-quality backlinks to your site from many different reputable sources. Press release marketing allows you to talk about your brand from the third-person, creating a more polished presentation that draws readers' attention. Although press releases shouldn't be overly promotional in tone, you can still use them to generate sales leads. Only send out a press release when you have something exciting to share with consumers and use simple language to communicate how this company change will positively impact readers or solve a problem your current customers are already experiencing.

Where to Begin with Press Release Marketing

While there are numerous online directories that allow you to automatically submit press releases, reaching out to reporters on a personal level is generally the best way to go about press release marketing. A simple yet personalized email to a reporter who specializes in a topic related to your industry expertise can increase the chances that your press release will make it out to readers. Reporters can't cover a company development they aren't aware of, so the wider the distribution of your press release, the better.

Be Unique

Popular press release distribution sites like PRWeb send out about 2,000 press releases each day, which makes it even more important for your press release to stand out. Even if you are a beginner at press release marketing, you can still maintain an advantage over the competition by releasing only well-crafted press releases to relevant sources. This is where your headline comes into play, as long as it effectively communicates information your target audience will want to read.

Get Optimized

Don't make the mistake of forgetting keyword optimization when it comes to writing your press releases. While press releases are hosted offsite, you still want to drive as much traffic to them as possible. Including relevant industry keywords is a great way to help your content get noticed and perform better in search engine rankings. However, the same rules about keyword stuffing that apply to blog posts also apply to press releases. Using keywords in an unnatural way is only going to result in your press release being ignored. It is also important to avoid using too much industry jargon and remember that your customers are still your target audience when writing a press release.

Getting Help with Marketing

Whether you require assistance with press release marketing or need help rebranding your website, you can call Brandgy at (352) 578-2000 or contact us through email. From logos and domains to offsite marketing help, we are happy to provide the services you need to take your brand to the next level.