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The Brandgy team’s primary focus is on increasing your brand’s organic search engine ranking.

This is a pretty simple statement but very difficult to execute. There are a host of different moving parts that need to work together to achieve high organic searching ranking. A lot of these moving parts are technical, such as “on site” optimization, link optimization, social signals, website load speed, navigational structure, funnel analysis, conversion analysis in the list goes on and on and on.

Through all this jargon in techno-speak, there is one overall concept you have to keep in mind and it’s actually a foundation of any business. That foundation is quality. If you approach marketing online from the perspective that everything that you put out is of the best quality, your marketing will be successful.

Online marketers get into trouble when they try to game the system, and fool Google. When everything you do adds tangible value to your customers it is Google’s job to connect to you. That is their primary focus. Google’s customer is the searcher and Google’s product is the best connection for their customer. If you are the best, you are the right connection and “fit” for that searcher and will probably convert them into a customer.

Answer Your Customer’s Question

We key in on making your company the best answer for a potential customer searching with your ideal keywords. With the advent of Siri and Cortana, a large portion of search engine queries are in the form of a question from mobile devices.

Questions could be something as simple as:

Where is the nearest pizza restaurant?

Or questions can be a lot more complicated, for example:

Which knee brace gives you the best support?

Our focus is on the answer to questions that your customers are asking, and we create content that answers the question and positions your company as the expert. It is not a game and it is not easy.

It is a “mission statement” of sorts on the long road of building a business.

What is the Brandgy approach to SEO?

Our marketing approach to improving your company’s organic search engine ranking involves 3 steps (not necessarily simple):





Our first step is to analyze your brands’ existing online presence. We look at your your website, page ranking, domain authority, link profile, and content. We identify any potential search engine penalties (you have heard of “penguin” or “panda” Google algorithm updates and the penalties associated with them).


Step two of the process involves adjusting your website to correct any issues that surfaced in the analysis portion. At this time, we also streamline and optimize and website structural issues, some examples being page load speed and mobile friendliness.


Step three is the fun part – advertising your brand and pushing it out to the world. In this step, we continue with onsite promotion via additional quality content creation for your customers. In addition, we begin the offsite portion of marketing your brand. This includes reaching out to high-authority, industry relevant influencers and authors and getting them to review and write about your business. This creates a slow build of quality links and traffic back to your website of potential customers and people interested in your company’s products and services. Over time, your company’s organic search engine ranking will grow as more and more quality links are added to your backlink profile.

Would you like to learn more?

Contact us to find out how we can effectively market your company online, increase website traffic and sales.

How much does it cost?

It is very difficult to systemize price for online marketing as each company’s needs are different. At Brandgy, we strive for transparency in our pricing and the way that we work. We have divided our pricing into 3 segments: local online marketing, offsite online marketing, and content marketing.


Our local SEO and online marketing plans start at $299.00 per month and have no contract or setup fees and you can cancel at any time.

Our local online marketing plans are suited for “brick and mortar” businesses with a business location or locations that want to help their customers find them. We synchronize and lock your business data across 60+ online business directories, making sure your customers can find you online and to stop unauthorized changes to your location data.

Getting started is easy! Simply sign up for our $299 starter local plan, and we will reach out to you to get your company’s location data synchronized and locked.


Content marketing is key for any business’ success today. Brands need to deliver consistent fresh content via multiple online channels to maintain their search engine ranking and attract new customers. We take care of the heavy lifting for you with our content marketing plans. We set up everything for you and you approve the concepts and content each month. All content plans are billed annually to ensure the best pricing for our clients.


$735 Monthly
$8,820 Billed Annually

  • 5 Blog Posts (500-750 Words)
  • 10 Tweets
  • 10 Facebook Posts
  • 10 Linkedin Posts
  • 35 Licensed Images for Blog and Social Media Posts
  • End to End Content Management


$2650 Monthly
$31,800 Billed Annually

  • 20 Blog Posts (500-750 Words)
  • 40 Tweets
  • 40 Facebook Posts
  • 40 Linkedin Posts
  • 140 Licensed Images for Blog and Social Media Posts
  • End to End Content Management

SEO and Offsite Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Offsite Online Marketing is critical for increasing your company’s search engine ranking and domain authority. High quality links from reputable websites are the number one way to increase your search engine ranking position. Our team reaches out to webmasters of REAL websites in your industry that are ranking in Google and creates a guest post with high quality industry relevant content of 500 words or greater and then places a link back to your website within the article.

Not only do these articles add tremendous power to your backlink profile, they can also become a long term traffic source, referring customers back to your website. It is important to note that due to the complexity and difficulty in sourcing these posts, there is no review or changes to the written content or anchor texts allowed.


$999 Monthly

  • Monthly Website Traffic Analytics
  • SEO Analytics and Reporting
  • Monthly Website Onsite SEO Analysis
  • 2 Entry Level Guest Posts
  • 2 Industry Site Guest Posts


$4,499 Monthly

  • Monthly Website Traffic Analytics
  • SEO Analytics and Reporting
  • Monthly Website Onsite SEO Analysis
  • 2 Entry Level Guest Posts
  • 3 Industry Site Guest Posts
  • 4 Premium Industry Site Guest Posts
  • 3 Key Industry Site Guest Posts

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