When you think Local SEO strategies, you probably think Facebook. After all, the social media giant is the go-to platform for many users looking to connect with local businesses, reach customer support, or find hours of operation and locations. However, focusing on Facebook to the exclusion of all other platforms is a major local SEO mistake. Local SEO on Twitter and LinkedIn goes a long way toward improving brand recognition and reaching out to potential customers on these websites.

Local SEO on Twitter and LinkedIn for Small Business

By extending your efforts to include local SEO on Twitter and LinkedIn, you can position your business ahead of the competition that is focused exclusively on Facebook. Twitter is a highly interactive social media platform that is unique from Facebook in a variety of ways. While the character limits on Twitter posts, or tweets, may seem restrictive, it actually allows for rapid-fire communication between users. You can tweet numerous times throughout the day, and Twitter's user base is incredibly active on mobile. Twitter receives over 2 billion search queries each day, making it a remarkably useful platform for businesses that know how to target their niche. Use hashtags to reach Twitter users who are already discussing topics in your area of expertise. Building relationships with potential clients on Twitter is often easier than it is on Facebook due to the way the platform encourages interaction through relevant topics rather than prior connections.

LinkedIn is another extremely important platform for local SEO. While local SEO on Twitter and LinkedIn is different from local SEO on Facebook in the sense that you are reaching out to distinct audiences, these users are often easier to reach out to due to the nature of the platforms. LinkedIn is designed to help professionals connect with one another, making it ideal for business-to-business operations. Whether you design business cards or offer discounts and special promotions to other members of your local business community, LinkedIn is a great way to get noticed and connect. Building professional connections on LinkedIn is an excellent way to garner some high-quality local SEO links as well as to extend your brand recognition in your local business community.

Creating Locally Targeted Ad Campaigns

Much of your local SEO on Twitter and LinkedIn will be organic, meaning that you will not actually have to spend money on every advertising campaign. Most people who use Twitter or LinkedIn are already looking for information, so the articles and insights you share on these platforms are more likely to find a hungry audience. When it is time to create a paid ad campaign on LinkedIn, the high level of interactivity on the platform makes it ideal for marketers to test out new strategies. LinkedIn users are already locally focused, making them more responsive to locally targeted campaigns.

When it comes to creating locally targeted ads that appeal to a Twitter audience, things do get a bit more challenging. However, due to the vast nature of the Twitter user base, ads that have a local flavor are more likely to stand out. The fact remains that many marketers are still exclusively focused on Facebook, so those who also have a presence on Twitter are able to reach a much wider audience.

Building a Strong Local SEO Strategy

If you are overwhelmed by the demands of creating an effective local SEO strategy, consider reaching out to Brandgy today at (352) 578-2000. You can also contact us through email to set up a consultation and find out how you can take your local SEO efforts to the next level. Building a brand doesn't have to be difficult with the right resources.