How to Use Your Domain Name to Market Your Business

Choosing a domain name for your business's website is one of the most important choices you'll make for the future of your business. It's the first thing your customers are going to see when they find your business online. This could happen when they type it in to their web browser, or when it appears after a Google search. Not only is it possible to choose an effective domain name that fits your brand, you can also use your domain name to market your business to both new and returning customers, as well as increase the amount of customers you're receiving from your local area.

How Picking An Effective Domain Name Helps You Market Your Business

But what does your domain name need so that customers will be able to find it in the first place? And how can your domain name act as a marketing tool? Let's look at a couple of ways to help ensure your business is getting the most value out of its domain name., a leading provider of domain names, has a few tips when it comes to picking an effective domain name, all methods that will help you use your domain name to market your business:

  • Having a domain name that's easy to type is crucial. Using slang or uncommon spellings of words in your domain name could make it harder for your customers to find your site.
  • If your domain name is on the shorter side, it lessens the chance that your customers will misspell your domain name.
  • Don't include numbers or hyphens in your domain name, as there's a high risk of people mishearing the name and not spelling it correctly in their web browser.

Watch Out For Technical Issues

You should also be aware of potential technical issues with your domain name, as these can hinder your ability to use your domain name to market your business. also has tips regarding the technical side of choosing a domain name, including domain name extensions and registering alternative versions of your domain name:

  • There are many extension names available for your site, including .com and .net (The two most common), as well as .org (For non-profits and non-commercial businesses), .biz (For e-Commerce sites), and .me (For blogs and personal websites).
  • Registering your domain name with different extensions, as well as alternative spellings and common misspellings, can help keep competitors from cashing in on your brand name by registering the same name for their company.

A Domain Name That Fits Your Brand Is A Domain Name That Markets Your Business For You

So far we've covered the more technical side of choosing a domain name, but for your domain name to be an effective marketing tool, it needs to fit in with the rest of your brand as well. Remember that your brand is the entirety of your business's image, including name, logo, and social media presence. recommends:

  • Focusing on keywords in your business's name as a starting point.
  • Thinking about your brand's logo, or any other factors that can inform your domain name choice.

Building your business's brand is a long, complicated process. Keep in mind that you want your domain name to appear when customers type in relevant keywords during Google searches, as well as on social media. If your customers can find your domain name when searching online, then your domain name is already marketing your business for you. It's also important to make sure you have consistent branding throughout your business's website and social media.

Get Expert Help

It can be incredibly useful to have an online marketing expert helps you with this process, not only in making branding decisions, but also with building your business's social media presence. Picking a domain name is one of the most important decisions you can make for your brand, but it's also just a starting point. From there, you'll need to continue to grow your social media presence, as well as put out a steady stream of SEO optimized content.

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