Online influencers are established bloggers and industry leaders who already have a dedicated following. Reaching out to them and networking with them can enable you to reach tens of thousands of people who otherwise would never hear of you. What is more, a link from even a few of these influencers can have a noticeable positive impact on your website's standing in Google.

If you want to network with established bloggers, follow the tips outlined below. These tried and proven methods will, over time, enable you to build relationships with thought leaders in your industry and other connected industries.

Start Small

Don't expect the most influential person in your industry to immediately link to your brand new business website. You need to start at the bottom and work your way up by creating top quality content and then reaching out to small influencers to ask for a link.

“Small influencers” are individuals who have a small yet dedicated online following. They often target a particular niche in your industry, so look for small influencers who target the exact demographic you're trying to reach. Create content that will appeal to them and then write to their email address asking for a link. Provide the article you think will benefit their online following and encourage them to link to you by offering them a link back in return.

Get to Know Online Influencers on Social Media Channels

Use social media to get to know influential bloggers in your industry or in related industries. Follow their social media channels, read their content and share their content when appropriate. Post relevant, helpful comments on their blog posts and social media channels immediately after they have put up new content.

This doesn't mean you should spam people you want to get in touch with. Pick a few of the best social media channels and stick with them. In most cases, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + are the social media channels of choice for getting in touch with influential bloggers.

Building small, incremental connections with online influencers will give you the confidence you need to approach them when the time is right. It will also increase the odds of having your request granted as the influencer you are contacting will have an idea of who you are and where you're coming from.


The internet provides many great ways to get to know people but it isn't the only platform for connecting to online influencers. If you can meet influential bloggers in person at an industry-related event, make an effort to do so. However, don't immediately approach the influencer with a request for a link to your website; instead, spend some time getting to know the person. Tell the influencer how much you appreciate his or her work and give specific examples of material they created that you find to be particularly relevant. Ask the influencer for advice on the industry topic in question and see what you can learn from him or her. Getting to know influences will help you come up with a link offer that they will be interested in.

Give an Incentive

One of the best ways to make an online influencer want to give you a link is to provide content that relates to their audience. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Create an article showcasing various online influencers. It may be an article about their industry predictions or their advice on a particular topic. It could also be a recommendation for the best books on a particular industry topic. Once you have posted your article, write the influencers it refers to, tell them about it and ask them if they'd like to link to it.
  • Ask for an interview from an online influencer. You may have to pay for it but the cost can be well worth it. The person being interviewed would most likely post the interview on his or her own website with a link back to your website.
  • Offer cross-promotional assistance. This works well if the online influencer is from a company that is not a direct competitor with your company. For example, a company selling furniture may want to partner with a home improvement company. A landscaping company may want to partner with a home construction company. Offer to allow an influencer to create a guest post for your blog in exchange for being allowed to create a guest post for his or her blog.

Be aware that it will take time to gain links from online influencers. Nonetheless, following the tips outlined above in addition to creating top quality content will make it possible for you to gain the links you need to boost your business website.

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