It's not hard to find a content writer; however, it can be a challenge to find the one that is the best fit for your business. The following tips on how to choose the right content writer can help you avoid common pitfalls and select a writer who will provide top quality, engaging content on an ongoing basis.

The Basics of How to Choose the Right Content Writer

A good content writer will:

  • Be a native English speaker
  • Use proper grammar and spelling at all times
  • Never plagiarize content
  • Allow you to send back content for revisions

Make sure any writer you are considering meets the above criteria. Ask for writing samples and check them for plagiarized content and spelling and grammar mistakes. Ask for references from past clients to find out more about the author in question and ask the author to provide, in writing, his or her policy regarding revision requests.

Ask about Expertise

You don't necessarily need to hire a writer with a degree in your field of expertise. In fact, a writer with a degree may charge you extra based on the fact that he or she has educational expertise. At the same time, you do want to make sure your chosen writer is familiar with and enthusiastic about your line of work. Ask the writer if he or she has written content for other companies in the same or similar industries and/or has any industry-related experience. If not, make sure the writer is willing to learn about your field before writing.

Consider Your Content Style

Not all writers are good at writing all types of content. If, for instance, you want casual, short and amusing blog posts, choose a writer that is good at that type of content. However, don't expect that writer to be able to provide a top quality white paper or e-book on the same topics. He or she may not be up to the challenge.

When deciding on how to choose the right content writer for your business, bear in mind that you may need to hire more than one writer. Because content writers are freelancers, the cost of hiring more than one is not necessarily higher than hiring just one. In fact, it is wise to have a few writers on hand who you can call on as needed. This not only provides you with various types of content but also ensure that your business does not wind up in a fix if your one and only writer is not able to meet your deadlines for one reason or another.


Bear in mind that quality is always more important than cost. If you are not willing to pay a reasonable amount for a good content writer, you will probably wind up with one who provides sub-par content. At the same time, most companies don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend on content writing so you will need to keep your budget in mind when finding a writer.

Most content writers expect to be paid per word; however, some may accept a set amount per week in exchange for a certain number of articles. If you offer a very large order, you may be able to negotiate a discount, especially if you are a good client. You should also ask your writer if he or she is willing to insert images you can legally use with the content order. Many writers will do this at no cost. Revisions should also be done at no cost.


Likeability isn't one of the factors most businesses consider when looking into how to choose a good content writer. However, it is just as important to find a content writer you work well with as it is to find one who is familiar with your industry.

Communicate with your writer extensively before giving orders so he or she knows exactly what you expect. Most relationship problems between content writers and companies arise as a result of misunderstandings.

Don't commit yourself to the writer immediately, even if you like the written samples and have seen positive references from past clients. The only way to find out if the writer is a good fit for your company is to try him or her with a few orders.

Encourage the writer to tell you in advance about happenings that may prevent him or her from meeting deadlines. Make sure your writer can get in touch with you at any time and answer all questions and comments promptly.

It takes time to learn how to choose the right content writer but the results are worth it. Alternatively, you can leave this job with a professional in order to have more time to focus on growing your business. Brandgy offers content marketing packages in various price points to meet any company's needs. Packages include not only content but also promotional posts for social media and top-quality images to make your articles and blog posts stand out from the crowd. Get in touch at your convenience to connect with top quality writers who can meet your needs at a cost you can afford.