How to Boost Your Internet Presence Using Offsite Marketing

If you have a business, chances are you already have some kind of website devoted to telling your customers about your services and products. While this is a useful way to gain exposure on the Internet, you can further boost your internet presence using offsite marketing.

What is Offsite SEO?

The backbone of offsite marketing and SEO is backlinks, or links between websites. When many websites are linking to a certain site, this is taken into consideration by search engines, who see this as a form of vouching for the site that is being linked to. The more authoritative that the sites who are linking to your site are, the greater weight their backlinks will carry for an increased ranking in search engines.

How Do You Go About Getting Backlinks?

If you're interested in using backlinks to boost your Internet presence using offsite marketing, has some tips regarding understanding how offsite SEO works and how backlinks are vital in that process:

  • Search engines such as Google use algorithms (Google's PageRank) that are not completely understood, but that follow certain patterns.
  • Think of every backlink as a “vote,” and that each of these votes are counted and then weighed by PageRank for the purpose of determining search engine ranking.
  • There are various aspects of a backlink that can determine how much weight it will be given by PageRank.
  • One example of this is how far up in the HTML code of the website the backlink is. Links that are higher, or closer to the beginning of the page, tend to be more heavily weighted.
  • Originally, all links, whether internal or external, were treated equally by search rankings. Nowadays, external links, or links that go to another completely different website, are given more value, as they could not have been placed there by whichever site is being linked to.
  • The more unique domains you have linking to your site, the better. PageRank counts every link from a unique domain that hasn't linked to your site before greater than links from sites that have already linked to your website.

Get Top Notch Help to Boost Your Internet Presence Using Offsite Marketing

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