The design of your company's logo is a major part of what your customers are going to see and remember when they think about your brand. Your business's logo is a graphical symbol, something that briefly and immediately identifies your company. But it's important to understand that your logo design and brand identity are two different things, and that your logo design is ultimately in the service of your business's brand identity.

Your Business's Brand Identity & Logo Design

The definition of “brand identity” is the variety of elements that are related to your business, including its services, products, logo design, tagline, and typeface. If you're delivering great products and services to your customers, then utilizing your logo design as a way to get them to recall those fond memories and create the desire to patronize your business again is a key part of generating ongoing business. You've created your brand identity through your strong record of customer satisfaction, and now it's time to capitalize on all that hard work.

Use Your Logo Design and Brand Identity to Convey Your Company's “Story”

Another way to think of your brand identity is as a “story,” the narrative of your business. Effective logo design involves conveying that story to your customers. Let's look at a few tips from for effective logo design and brand identity:

  • First off, make a creative brief, which allows you to establish a strategy and set goals. This gives your logo designer something to work with.
  • Secondly, research the current local market for services and products of your type. Conveying to the logo designer what kind of customers you have, or want to have, and what their tastes and interests are can help the designer steer your logo design in an effective direction for your business. Also, knowing what your competitors are up to can allow you to either choose to follow in their footsteps, or to veer off in a new direction.
  • Next, it's important to make sure your logo design matches your currently existing brand identity. It's your logo designer's mission to translate the various facets of your brand identity into a visual symbol.
  • Think about things like the shape and form of your logo design, as well as things like typeface. It's also important to think about what kinds of marketing materials and other places your logo is going to be shown.

Get Expert Logo Design and Brand Identity Help

With so much at stake for your business, it's important to get the expert help you need when it comes to logo design and brand identity. offers branded domains, complete with logo designs. And no matter what your service or product is, can help you get started on collaborating on your logo design and brand identity, making the right choices to maximize your business's marketing.

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