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How Local Event Sponsorship Doubles as an Effective Offsite Marketing Strategy

How Local Event Sponsorship Doubles as an Effective Offsite Marketing Strategy

Event sponsorship is an effective way for small businesses to build a local reputation. Whether you sponsor a local scouts event or a festival the sponsors' names appear on most promotional materials. Today's event promotion includes websites, blog posts, social media, and online versions of local newspapers.

Since most not-for-profits also have websites it can be a strong offsite marketing strategy as well as a chance to gain local media mentions.

A credible local, regional, or national not-for-profit typically has a solid local and online reputation. Often they list sponsors on their website.

Event Sponsorship Offers Benefits for a Local Business or Entrepreneur.

  • Your own reputation is boosted by association with the organization and cause
  • The link from their website can boost your SEO
  • Local media often covers nonprofit events, sometimes the articles mention sponsors
  • Your sponsorship may be a good opportunity for a press release which may also result in backlinks
  • You expand your local network if you also participate in the event
  • Event sponsorship offers numerous social media possibilities including use of Facebook events.

In addition, hosting or sponsoring an event can help you gain access to publications and websites that may normally be out of your reach like websites for local radio stations, television stations, and newspapers, according to Moz.

Event sponsorship is not to be confused with the “scholarship sponsorship scheme.” Some webmasters gain education backlinks by sponsoring scholarships through high schools, colleges, and universities. This type of sponsorship can be a great way to boost your profile while doing good, unfortunately, this practice has a tarnished reputation as some webmasters never actually award the scholarships.

How To Make The Most Of Your Event Sponsorship

As a sponsor you have a few different sponsor options:

  • Join an established large local event as a partial sponsor. Most larger events have multiple co-sponsors. The level of publicity varies depending on the sponsorship level.
  • Sponsor a smaller or newer event. This may offer the most opportunity for exposure since the event might not have as many sponsors. However, the reputation boost may be higher if you associate yourself with a larger event.
  • Partner with a local not-for-profit and host a new event to benefit that organization. This may offer the most link building opportunities especially if you take a more hands-on role. For example, you can create an event information page on your own website then gain backlinks from local event pages on newspaper, convention bureau, radio station, university, and calendar websites.

To make the most of your event sponsorship, you should choose the right partnership. Choose a cause that appeals to your ideal audience. If the event or cause is somehow related to your business or product then all the better! An article from Inc. suggests that business owners carefully choose an event that aligns with the culture you want for your brand.

Consider creating promotional items to give away that advertise your website and your brand. Giving participants something to take home also helps attendees remember you after the event. Also, if you have time, a hands-on approach increases your real-world visibility and may even result in more media mentions and backlinks if the local press interviews you.

Event sponsorship is a highly effective off-site marketing strategy for large and small brands. Contact us to learn more about how a comprehensive marketing strategy helps your business grow.