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Q. I found a brand and domain I like. What happens next?
A. You can select the brand and check out online or contact us to arrange the purchase. You will receive an email from our team with the information required to complete the transaction.
Q. Why did I receive a contract from your team?
A. Brand transfers involve transfers of intellectual property (also known as “IP”), consisting of the logo design, business concept, existing trademarks in some instances, and other materials. The contract details what is being transferred and your rights in your new brand.
Q. Does Brandgy retain any ownership or rights in the brands and domains we purchase on
A. No. Brandgy does not retain any rights in the domain, brand, IP or other materials. It is a full asset transfer.
Q. Will I be able to trademark my new brand?
A. You will need to consult with a trademark attorney to determine if the mark can be registered.
Q. I don’t like the logo with the domain brand name, will your team design a new logo?
A. Yes. Proceed with the purchase and contact us for design quote and we will be happy to help.
Q. What is included with a brand purchase?
A. This varies with each brand. In most instances, it is the domain name, logo, and all logo source files. In some instances. The purchase includes trademarks, additional domain names, social media sites, source files, graphics, source code and entire operating online businesses.
Q. I don’t see anything I like. Can I come to you with an idea and you create a brand for me?
A. Of course. We would be happy to help. Contact us to get started.


Q. What registrar should we use?
A. All of our domains are held at Register for a free account and the domain transfer is a free transaction to your account.
Q. Why do you only have .com domain names?
A. A top level .com domain name is regarded as the highest quality domain name and we feel that the basis of a brand building should be on a solid foundation. Additionally, a .com address conveys a certain “business” feel versus a vanity TLD.
Q. Why do you focus on such short names?
A. As we are forward looking in our brand building processes, we feel that shorter pronounceable domain names are easy to remember and to type (especially important as more and more consumers move to mobile web browsing).

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