A business domain name, unlike a website design or log, cannot be easily changed, making it extremely important for any entrepreneur or new business owner to pick a name that will serve a company well both now and in the future. The following overview of current domain name trends and predictions can help those who are not tech-savvy to choose a domain name that will boost a company's chances of online success.

The .com Ending is Still In

Literally hundreds of domain endings are flooding the market and millions of companies and entrepreneurs are snapping up creative new URLs. Even so, experts note that .com domain names are still in. What is more, this is one of the domain name trends that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future as people are still accustomed to all business websites having a .com ending and it will take some time before everyone adjusts to new ending possibilities. Furthermore, experts predict that in the future .com endings will be viewed as prestigious property that will look good not only to search engines but also potential clients.

New gTLDs are Gaining Traction

New gTLDs are certainly gaining traction, boosted at least in part by the fact that Google has made it clear that using a new domain name ending will not negatively affect your company's SEO rank. However, it should be noted that some of these endings are becoming more popular than others.

Branded Endings

Large companies are using their brand name as a domain ending to make their websites stand out. Canon, for instance, recently moved its website from canon.com to global.canon. Other large companies are showing an interest in adopting the same strategy. An added benefit of using the company as the domain name is that it shows users that you are a professional company, not simply a marketer or random individual who happened to snatch up a .com domain name with a professional appeal.

Entertainment-Related Endings

A number of endings related to the entertainment industry are currently trending and will probably continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. These endings include:

  • .music
  • .movie
  • .club
  • .fm

Other New gTLD Domain Name Trends

The .bank and .insurance endings are trending in the banking industry. Many companies in this industry use billboard advertising and having an easy to remember gTLD is likely to increase website visits and sales.

Appropriate names for independent businessmen and women are also likely to become popular. An attorney, for instance, could use his or her name as the domain name and then .attorney as the domain name ending. There would be no confusion regarding how the person is and what he or she has to offer. Other potential domain endings along these same lines may include .accountant, .realtor, .tutor and .consultant.

The gTLD .blog is also trending. If you intend to use a blog to gain search engine traffic, you may want to buy the .blog name for your company in addition to the .com business name.

Keeping it Short

In times past, some experts recommended stuffing a domain name with the keywords you wanted a high rank for. However, this is not a strategy you will want to use now or in the future. Short, easy to remember domain names are trending this year as people use the internet all the time and want easy to remember domain names that can't be confused with other websites. If at all possible, try to keep your domain name down to eight letters or even less. It will likely take some creative thinking to do so but the results have the potential to be well worth it.

Quality is King

A successful website needs a top quality domain name. Put time, effort and research into creating a winning name that your customers will easily remember. To do so, you will need to:

  • Choose your target audience
  • Do keyword research
  • Choose a domain name ending
  • Research available domain name options

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about domain name trends and trending domain names is that quality is still king and this will always be the case. Choosing the right domain name can mean the difference between online success and failure for your business.

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