Content marketing is a hot topic. Business owners often ask, “what is the difference between content marketing and SEO?”

How Content Marketing and SEO are Different

SEO refers to search engine optimization. SEO specialists focus on techniques designed to attract organic traffic from search engines.

Content marketing is a broader term that includes a range of promotional techniques. The primary strategy is to create content that speaks to a brand's ideal customers. This content is more informative than promotional. Small business owners gain credibility through content marketing.

If you follow the marketing press, you know there is a big debate over whether content marketing is the “new SEO.” The content marketing or SEO debate is flawed. It is a little like the old “chicken or egg” debate. Some business owners ask which they should choose. The good news is that you don't have to choose between content marketing and SEO. SEO is part of content marketing.

How Content Marketing and SEO Are Related

A robust content marketing strategy integrates content creation with SEO best practices. Social media, email outreach, and advertising may also be part of an effective plan.

A successful content marketer understands how search engines work. They may have an SEO specialist on the team. Nearly all skilled content marketers incorporate SEO. However, not all SEO specialists engage in content marketing. A content marketing strategy moves a few steps beyond traditional SEO.

How Content Marketing Moves Beyond SEO:

  • Content marketing is part of a broader strategy to support your business' marketing goals, according to the Content Marketing Institute. The content speaks to your ideal customers and addresses their needs.
  • You may create blog posts, website copy, white papers, ebooks, or social media content.
  • Content marketers aim to produce high quality and informative content. You aim to entertain or inform rather than overtly promote your product. The intention is to offer value and build relationships.
  • An effective strategy invites your prospective customer to join your marketing “funnel.”  This increases the chances the visitor will become your customer.

A targeted SEO strategy supports this value-driven approach. The best content only converts if the right people discover your content. This is where SEO and social media marketing join the party.

How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together

When done correctly, content marketing and SEO support your marketing goals and objectives. They work together to attract your ideal customer and to bring new business to you.

  • Content marketing involves creating valuable content. SEO is most effective when you are optimizing and promoting quality content.
  • Targeted content speaks to your customers' questions, problems, and needs. It answers questions. Further optimizing this content helps attract the right visitors to your site. Both SEO and content marketing focus on your target market.
  • People share valuable content on their social media accounts, blogs, and websites. Helpful, engaging or informative content earns more organic backlinks than promotional content.

Since SEO is part of an effective content marketing, you need not choose between content marketing and SEO.

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