Logos are an important part of any business. From clothing stores to contractors, a logo provides the chance to tell a piece of your brand's story and even inform customers about your goods and services with a single glance. While some of the most effective and memorable logos were created by designers who thought outside of the box, there are some important logo design guidelines you should keep in mind before deciding on a logo design to represent your brand.

Color Theory

Research shows that colors are capable of producing strong emotional reactions in consumers, and you can use this information to your advantage when it comes to telling the story of your business. Colors on the red end of the spectrum promote energy and warmth, making them ideal for use in restaurant logo design and for brands that wish to project a strong, vibrant image. Blue and green are calming colors that are ideal for use in energy sector businesses, medical technology companies and in the health and relaxation industries.

Take some time to think about the mood you would like consumers to be in when engaging with your brand. If the primary focus of the services offered by your business is to put consumers at ease, cool or neutral tones may work best in a logo design. If the goal is to have consumers be excited about engaging actively with your brand, more vibrant reds and yellows may be the optimal choice. You can always incorporate more than one color, as exemplified by the iconic NBC logo.

Building Relationships

The primary goals of any branding effort, including logo design, are to help build a better relationship with your customer base and to target new potential customers. A logo can accomplish both goals, giving customers an easy way to identify your brand. It is important to choose a logo that will appeal to your specific customer base. For this reason, many businesses choose to incorporate symbols into their logo design that make it easier for potential customers to understand what is being offered. While it may be ideal for someone to be able to understand exactly what your business sells or what services it provides with a single look at your logo, this is not always a necessity. Some of the most iconic logos are far from intuitive. In fact, a logo may simply be a consistently rendered version of your business' name, such as the Coca-Cola logo.

Cooperative Performance

It is important to remember that a logo is just one element of your online brand. Your chosen logo should mesh well with your other graphic themes, your product offerings, your online image, the content you produce, and your corporate culture. Taking the time to consider whether a logo is truly a good fit for your company during the development stage could save you the headache of having to rebrand later. Once consumers associate your logo with your brand, it is much harder, although not impossible, to make a major change.

Identifiable Branding

The primary goal of effective branding is to communicate a message as simply and consistently as you can. Consumers should be able to take one look at your logo and associate it with your brand. This helps you establish a strong company identity, making it easy for consumers to distinguish your brand from the competition. In the digital age, where consumers are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of branding images on a daily basis, standing out is the key to converting viewers to consumers. Create a logo that catches people's attention, communicates a message, even if only on an emotional level, and stays within the memory of your target audience, and you can consider your branding efforts a resounding success.

As important as logo design is, many business owners simply lack the time or skill necessary to create a logo that adequately reflects their brand. Professional logo design makes it easy for you to find the perfect logo for your company without the hassle of learning design programs and devoting hours to brainstorming sessions. Contact Brandgy today for comprehensive branding services that are tailored to help your business succeed in a competitive online industry.