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The Vendok brand and domain name are comprised of a combination of the word “vend“ and the word “ok”. The word “vend“ means to offer for sale or to sell something. “OK” is used typically to express acceptance, an approval or agreement. Combining the verb “vend” with the noun “ok” quickly conveys that selling this item is approved or authorized.

The two word brand name is easily spoken and remembered enabling consistent brand across multiple platforms.

The concept behind this brand is to create a validation system for items for sale. Similar to how the Better Business Bureau rates and validates businesses, the VENDOK brand would validate items as ‘OK” to sell, whether they be physical, digital, or experiential products or services.

VENDOK could also be used as a rating system for not only the product, but of the vendor themselves. Are they dependable vendors with quality products or services? What are their ratings?

The logo design uses a mixture of gray and yellow combining the clarity and warmth of yellow with the balance and dependability of grey. The logo is a checkmark framed in yellow with the “OK” portion of the text in yellow – highlighting the validation meaning behind the logo.

Included with the Sale:

  • The Vendok brand concept.
  • The domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.