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The Shortbid brand and domain name are comprised of a combination of the spoken words “short” and “bid”. The brand name is easily spoken and remembered enabling consistent brand across multiple platforms.

The concept behind this brand is an online marketplace/ auction platform to bid on real estate short sales. A “short sale” is a real estate sale that when complete, the proceeds fall “short” of the amount of money owed on the debts secured by the property. All of the lienholders (banks for instance) on the property must accept the lesser payment on the debt for the short sale to transact.

The logo design uses a mixture of orange and gray to denote a friendly and calm place for homeowners in trouble to list their properties for short sale. The logo is a house with a window to reinforce the real estate connection. Additionally, the word “bid” is placed directly below the house to add brand clarity.

Included with the Sale:

  • The Shortbid brand concept.
  • The domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.