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The Putbox brand and 6-letter domain name are comprised of a combination of the word “Put” and the word “box”. This business and brand could have several applications and we have come up with our top use.

The first business idea is a financially focused business on an investing information services related website. In financial terms, a “put” is a financial instrument (an option) that allows the buyer to sell the underlying security to the seller at a predetermined price in the future. This is used by the buyer to hedge against a decline in the price of the security that they own. “Puts” are used by a conservative investor to give them protection against downside movement in the investment.

On the seller’s side, it is also a conservative investment. They want to acquire the investment, but not at the price it is selling for today. They are looking for a cheaper price. They can either wait for the price to drop (making no money in the interim), or they can sell a “Put” (making the premium on the sale) and wait for the drop. If the drop happens, they keep the money from the premium sale and buy the investment. If the drop does not happen, they keep the premium and the options expire.

Options can be very confusing to retail investors and this business would focus on “Puts” only, ideally wrapping the information up neatly in a “box” for the investor to understand and profit from in the future. To learn more about put options visit Investopedia here.

Good financial and investing-related .com domain names are very valuable, and combined with the short (6-letter), easy to remember, two word domain name , represents a great brand investment.

  • The Put Box brand concept.
  • The domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.