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The Music Audience brand and domain name are comprised of a combination of the spoken word “Music” and “Audience.” The brand name is easily spoken and remembered enabling consistent brand across multiple platforms.

The concept behind this brand is music review and musical artist promotional and entertainment website that connects musicians and their music with their audience. Fans could seek out new music and artists via the website or mobile application and artists could tailor their promotion and creations to specific audiences.

This digital community would connect people interested in creating, curating and enjoying music. It could also be a music education website or a live streaming performance application for artists, allowing them to perform live via the interface for their audiences and interact with them remotely.

The logo design uses a mixture of red and a lighter magenta, combining emotional impact of the exciting, youthful boldness of the color red with the imaginative and creative impact of the color purple. The logo is a shaped hybrid employing an arrow style block shape directing the viewer’s attention to the brand name with a sound wave pattern, reinforcing the “music” and “sound” aspect of the brand name.

The music industry is huge, providing an entrepreneur a global market for their business growth. Statista shows that global music revenue is above 42 billion dollars per year and that the U.S. music industry alone is expected to grow to over 15 billion dollars by 2020.

Included with the Sale:

  • The Music Audience brand concept.
  • The domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.