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Description is a super premium, 6 letter, pronounceable domain name, first registered in 2011 and is over 4 years old. The iOS Kit brand name is comprised of the mobile operating system description “iOS” and the word “kit”.

Apple Computer announced in their 2015 Q1 earnings call that the company sold it 1,000,000,000th iOS device in November of 2014.

With such a huge interest in Apple Computer mobile products (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) there are several potential uses for the iOS Kit concept and domain name including:

  • iOS focused blog.
  • iOS tips and tricks website.
  • iOS application development instruction.
  • iOS developer toolkits.

Included with the Sale

  • The iOS Kit concept.
  • The domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.


“IOS” is a registered trademark of Cisco. Please seek the advice of legal counsel prior to use.