The Hip Zones brand and the HipZones.com domain name are comprised of a combination of the word “Hip” and the word “Zones”.

The urban dictionary defines “hip” as “cooler than cool, the pinnacle of what is ‘it’”. It is synonymous with what is trendy or what is the latest “in” thing. Marketers are always attempting to find and get ahead of the latest trends to reach new customers.

A “zone” is a certain area that is typically referred to as having a certain characteristic. When combined with “hip” the brand signifies a “cool” or “trendy” area. This trendy place could be a club, bar, restaurant, workout area or some event gathering location.

When conceiving the word “hip” from a more literal sense (mean the body part), Hip Zones could refer to that area on one’s body, perhaps as a target for exercise, cosmetic surgery, or replacement.

Hip Zones is an ideal brand name for lifestyle review blog, an entertainment blog or review website, cosmetic surgeon, or fitness studio.

  • The Hip Zones brand concept.
  • The HipZones.com domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.

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