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Description is a super premium, 6 letter, two word, pronounceable domain name, first registered in 2007 and is over 7 years old. The “aRoads” brand name is comprised of the word “a” and the word “roads”.

According to Wards Auto (, US automakers delivered over 16 million vehicles in 2014, the industry’s highest amount since 2006, representing a 5.8% increase in sales. There are hundreds of automotive enthusiast magazines, websites, and blogs devoted to all things cars, roads and driving and over 1 billion vehicles on the planet.

With such a huge interest in the automotive and driving market, there are a deluge of potential uses for the aRoads brand concept and domain name including:

  • Driving blog focusing on the world’s best roads for drivers.
  • Driving tours.
  • Car purchasing research.
  • Rally enthusiasts.
  • Driving app focused on routing drivers on the best roads to save time and avoid traffic.

Included with the Sale

  • The aRoads brand concept.
  • The domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.