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The 24 West End brand and domain name are comprised of a combination of a number, “24-“, meaning of or relating to hours in the day, and two words “West End”. The “West End” is a popular term referring to the professional theater area in London, where large musical theater productions are staged. Along with Broadway theater in New York City, West End theater is considered the highest level of commercial musical theater in the world.

Visiting a West End theater production is a common tourist activity in London, and ticket sales to theater productions passed over 14 million in 2013. Similar to Broadway, West End theater producers frequently cast famous screen actors for their productions to attract more ticket sales from the public. There is a huge public interest in live entertainment and the potential to develop this brand into a large business.

24 West End is an ideal brand name for a musical theater online news service, theater reporting, or theater ticket sales company. Other possible uses of the 24 West End brand and include: West End show news, entertainment blog, musical theater education website, or West End theater review website.

  • The 24 West End brand concept.
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