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The 24 Broadway brand and domain name are comprised of a combination of a number, “24-“, meaning of or relating to hours in the day, and one word “Broadway”.

Broadway theater typically refers to the approximately 40 professional theaters in the theater district in New York. These theaters have more than 500 seats and along with London’s West End is considered to be the highest level of live theater in the world. Over the years the term “Broadway Theater” has been shortened to just “Broadway” in popular usage. Live entertainment on Broadway is presented as either plays (comedy or drama) or as musicals. There is a huge public interest in live entertainment and the potential to develop this brand into a large business. Ticket purchasers research shows online before purchasing tickets, looking at actors in the show, following theater reviews, industry awards and the theater industry as a whole.

The live theater industry in New York has captured the imagination of aspiring performers worldwide, and has spawned theater, dance and vocal programs in universities nationwide. Broadway theater has inspired countless movies and is a central part of American culture. The industry awards for Broadway theater, The Tony Awards, as is considered the equivalent of the Academy Awards for live theater. This wide appeal provides ample marketing opportunities for products and services for this demographic.

The official website of Broadway Theater ( publishes interesting demographic statistics on Broadway Theater in New York. Some highlights of the 2015 Executive Summary of the report are:

  • In the 2014-2015 Broadway season there was approximately 13.1 million visitors to shows in the Broadway Theater District (a record-breaking year). 66% of these visitors were tourists, with approximately 49% from the United States (non-local to New York and surrounding areas) and another 18% from outside the United States.
  • The average age of a person attending Broadway Theater was 44 years old, 68 percent female, and almost 80 percent were caucasian.
  • The average Broadway Theater attendee saw 4 shows over the 12 months in the survey.
  • The most popular information sources for Broadway Theater were, and The New York Times ( and over 50% of attendees purchased their tickets online.

24 Broadway is an ideal brand name for a musical theater online news service, theater reporting, or theater ticket sales company. Ticket sales could be niche operations with concierge services for procuring tickets with less than 24 hours notice (most tickets are purchased over 30 days prior to the performance).

Other possible uses of the 24 Broadway brand and 24 include: Broadway show news, entertainment blog, auditioning or casting website, musical theater education website, or Broadway theater review website.

Google trends shows a rising interest trend of related searches to Broadway Theater NYC from its 2013 lows and approaching its 2005 all-time highs. Note that 100% of the searches for these trends originated in the United States.

Included with the sale:

  • The 24 Broadway brand concept.
  • The domain name.
  • Logo design and design files.