Are premium domain names worth it?

We think so.

In the competitive online landscape, businesses constantly strive to differentiate themselves and create a strong digital presence. One crucial aspect of this undertaking is selecting the perfect domain name. The appeal of a premium domain name often catches the attention of businesses looking to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Premium domain names, in a nutshell, are short, catchy, and easy to remember.

They frequently feature the coveted .com extension but can also come in newer domain extensions like .business, .guru, .app, and .store. Someone already owns these sought-after domain names, which can only be acquired through auction or secondary listings. Investing in a premium domain name depends on various factors, including the business's needs, budget, and long-term goals.

What Are Premium Domain Names?

Premium domain names are high-quality ones that investors often buy and sell to make a profit.

These names have various qualities that make them stand out in the market, such as being short, catchy, and easy to remember. Although many premium domain names have the .com extension, they can also use newer domain extensions like .business, .guru, .app, .store, and others (Forbes).

Premium domain names are highly sought after because they offer numerous marketing benefits.

Since they tend to be short, memorable, and meaningful, they can be great for business marketing. A premium domain can help create a strong brand narrative on social media and offline marketing campaigns.

The cost of a premium domain name can vary significantly, ranging from a few thousand dollars to even millions, depending on factors like length, keyword relevance, and market demand. This contrasts with standard domain names, which typically cost between $10 and $30.

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Are Premium Domain Names Worth it? The Benefits

Brandability and Memorability

Premium domain names are often short, memorable, and easy to remember, making them ideal for branding.

These domain names can boost a company's perceived value, as they help create a strong and easily recognizable brand identity. Furthermore, premium domain names often have a high demand due to their brevity, making them even more appealing to businesses and customers. Many of the domain names Brandgy markets fall into this 5- or 6-letter category.

Increased Traffic

One of the key benefits of premium domain names is their ability to generate increased traffic, especially organic traffic, for the website.

Short and memorable domain names appeal to potential customers, leading to more people visiting the site and, ultimately, higher sales and revenue.

SEO and Domain Authority

Another advantage of premium domain names is their potential impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and domain authority.

Short and keyword-rich domain names can significantly improve a website's search engine ranking, thus leading to more organic traffic. High-quality domain names can increase domain authority, enhancing the site's search ranking and visibility.

Credibility and Trust

Premium domain names can contribute to establishing credibility and trust for an online business.

Since these domain names are often short, memorable, and easy to remember, they can help convey a sense of professionalism and reliability to potential customers. Additionally, the perceived value associated with premium domain names can instill confidence in consumers, making them more likely to engage with a business online and purchase.

Are Premium Domain Names Worth it? Popular Extensions

The world of domain names is vast, and there are numerous extensions to choose from.

Among these options, a few are highly sought-after and valuable due to their popularity and trustworthiness. The most popular premium domain extensions include .com, .net, and .org.

The .COM

Of the three, the .com extension is the most popular and universally recognized TLD (Top-Level Domain).

Initially designed for commercial businesses, this extension is open to anyone and is considered the “gold standard” of domain extensions. With over 161.3 million domain names using the .com TLD, it's regarded as the most trustworthy extension and is associated with credibility and professionalism.

At Brandgy, we only recommend the .com TLD. If you need a domain name for your business, get the .com.

The .NET

The .net extension is another popular TLD originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies.

Like .com, it has since become available for general use. Though not as commonly used as .com, it boasts a strong presence on the internet and benefits from a level of trust among users.

The .ORG

The .org extension is typically associated with non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and charities.

This TLD conveys a sense of trust and credibility, making it an ideal choice for these types of entities. Note that .org is not restricted to non-profit organizations and can be used by other types of entities as well.

In addition to these classic TLDs, several new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) have emerged recently, offering more options for businesses and individuals. These extensions cater to specific industries and interests, allowing for more customization and targeted branding. (Like .shop or .legal).

Are Premium Domain Names Worth it? Pricing Factors

Several different factors contribute to the price of premium domain names.

Premium domain names are seen as valuable assets due to their unique characteristics, making them appealing to potential investors.

Domain Name Length

The length is a primary factor in determining the price of a premium domain.

Shorter domain names with one to two words or two to four individual characters are the most valuable, as they are easier to remember and appeal to a broader audience.

Generic Words

Another significant element in the cost of a premium domain is its generic value or the commonality of the words used.

Domains containing generic words that are easy to recall and understand usually command higher values than those with less familiar terms. Examples of high-valued sales include for $36 million and for $35 million (Name Experts).

How to Buy a Premium Domain

Namecheap domain marketplace

Domain Registrars and Auctions

To purchase a premium domain, explore domain registrars and auction websites. Many registrars, such as Namecheap, offer a platform where premium domains are listed for sale.

Namecheap Domain Auctions

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These domains are usually owned by someone else and put up for auction on the aftermarket. Buyers can browse available options, considering factors like brandability, authority, and relevance to their industry.

Auction platforms provide a competitive environment for acquiring desired domains. Some popular sites also include Localsync, Sedo and Flippa.

Domain Buying Services

Domain buying services are another option when looking for a premium domain.

These services act as brokers, helping businesses find and purchase the perfect domain for their brand. Reputable providers like BuyDomains and Name Experts have extensive knowledge of the domain industry and may offer valuable advice regarding the domain's price and negotiation process. They can also assist with TLDs or domain extensions, such as .com or .net, to find the best fit for your business.

Negotiating with Current Owners

If the desired premium domain is already owned by someone else, negotiating directly with the current owner can be an effective strategy.

A WHOIS lookup or visiting the domain's website may provide contact information for the domain owner.

During the negotiation process, set a budget and establish a fair market value for the domain. This can help ensure a smooth transaction and avoid overpaying. Remember that patience and persistence may be required, as negotiations can take time and may not always result in a successful purchase.

What's a premium domain name?

Are Premium Domain Names Worth it? Final Thoughts

Are premium domain names worth it?

If you need a .com for your business and the best fit is a premium domain name, we think so. (We develop and sell branded premium domain names, so we are biased.)

Before you go premium, use a free business generator to help you search for unregistered .com domain names that might be a great fit without having to pay for a premium domain name.

Namecheap has a great AI-powered business name generator that is free to use. Give it a try – it's free!

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