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When starting a business, there are a million details to worry about, building the product, fulfillment, customer service…

Give your business the competitive edge and win more customers with a unique, professionally created brand marketing strategy from Brandgy.

Online Marketing

Brand Design

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Jumpstart Your Business with Online Branding and Marketing Solutions From Brandgy!

We make branding and marketing your business simple.

We understand what it takes to grow business and make it profitable. The term “branding” is actually a combination of the “brand” and the “marketing” behind it to push it out there into the public awareness. To be successful you need to you clearly understand both sides of this equation.

a brand with no marketing is just a logo or an idea

attractive logos alone don’t get customers

long domain names are difficult to remember

inconsistent online branding doesn’t build trust

unattractive websites don’t convert customers

Why is Branding Complex?

In just this one word, “branding”, there are hundreds of different moving parts all interrelated, complex and always changing.

Working with the team at Brandgy simplifies all of these issues, and streamlines the entire branding process.

Who We Are

Brandgy is a team of experienced, successful designers, entrepreneurs and marketing experts who love branding.

We understand the frustration entrepreneurs feel when they spend valuable time and resources searching for just the right name, logo and domain name to brand their business and then trying to market their new business. Branding is the first step in starting and growing a business, and often this first step is the most difficult.

The branding process can be expensive and tedious, diverting focus away from successfully growing and running your business. Branding is the funnel that attracts new customers, revenue and feeds this engine that you call your company.

For us, the branding process is our passion, our specialty, and what we focus on every day.

Our Process

We seek out unique “brandable” company names that work for various types of businesses. We research domain name availability and design unique, eye-catching brand concepts that set your business apart. Our brand designs are perfect for high-tech startups, retail, local service businesses or any other type of company. Our brand concepts are forward looking and designed to grow and expand with your business.

Website Development

SEO Optimization

Content Creation

Digital Marketing

Next, we work with you to develop your online presence. We can help you develop your website, optimize it for better search ranking results, create valuable content, and promote it, building quality links from industry relevant authority websites. We focus on better organic search ranking because we feel that when people are searching for something they are researching or comparing something in the purchase process. This is the best time to convert a “searcher” into a customer.

Solid Foundation

Build Trust

Authoritative Content

Brand Promotion

We view online marketing and SEO as an ongoing process of building a company online from the ground up. We build a solid foundation of an attractive, well designed website, completely optimized for the best search engine ranking results. We work with you to create content that resonates with your ideal customer and builds trust and authority for your brand.

Later, we reach out to relevant authority websites and influencers about your brand, promoting your business and getting them to write about your business, linking back to your website. This manual process is very tedious, but we feel it is the best way to build your business online.

Interested in learning more about Brandgy and how we can help your business?

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