There is so much focus on on-site marketing techniques these days that crucial offsite marketing techniques often go overlooked. From advertisements you place on different channels to social media interactions with your customers, these are the offsite marketing strategies you should be implementing for maximum marketing success.

Why is offsite marketing so important? Search engines take a collaborative approach to determining which information is valuable and which sites get lost in an endless sea of results. To beat the SEO competition, you need to establish far reaching brand recognition that goes beyond your own website. Getting other reputable websites to link to your page is key, and it's easier than you think. Putting the time and effort into establishing a strong online presence through a variety of platforms and websites will yield great dividends in traffic to your own website. Even the advertisements that don't perform as well as you had hoped provide valuable information you can use to create future campaigns.


When most people think of offsite marketing techniques, they think social media or guest posting. The truth is that your advertisements also play a major role in your offsite marketing success. It's important to keep track of which advertisements perform well and to be willing to eliminate any campaigns that aren't driving traffic to your website. Your offsite advertising should serve as a contact point for reaching out to consumers who would not otherwise know about your website. Posting ads on social media and blogs relevant to consumers in your industry is a great way to begin branching out.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most crucial offsite marketing techniques for any brand. The primary goal of offsite marketing or off-page SEO is to improve online interaction with your brand and your website. Your offsite marketing techniques are what drive customers to your website and into your sales funnel. This includes other people mentioning your brand on their social media pages. From customer testimonials and reviews to content you share through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other online platforms you use for business, social media is a great way to boost your SEO. The good news is that the best use of social media for SEO purposes often happens organically, while you are responding to customer comments and issues and sharing helpful content.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most reputable offsite marketing techniques available to digital marketers, but many business owners make the mistake of thinking they don't have the time to spend on someone else's website. After all, this seems counterintuitive when it is often enough of a struggle to find time to post on your own website or blog. However, guest posting allows you to build your online reputation and expand your reach to a wider range of customers. By reaching out to write guest posts for other websites in your field, you are able to introduce your brand to their readership, increasing the likelihood that someone who likes the content you posted will come over to check out your website. Social proof is a significant aspect of online marketing. When a blog consumers trust shares your content, they will think more positively of your brand as well. You can even use guest posts as an opportunity to share your mailing list sign-up form.

Backlinks and Press Releases

Search engines assess the trustworthiness of your content based on the quality of the sites that link back to yours. Highly reputable news sites are the gold standard of back linking since they tell search engines that your website is producing content that is valuable enough to warrant coverage from these digital publications. You can capitalize on your backlinks by producing high-quality press releases and sharing them with various news outlets that will then link to your website, boosting your offsite SEO. Having a combination of high-quality inbound and outbound links will dramatically improve your search rankings. Press releases can be simple, covering the basics of a new development in your company, such as a new product line you are about to release. Not only do press releases help inform customers about upcoming changes in your business, but they help establish your brand as a part of the industry and its surrounding online community. Many business owners are too intimidated to put out their first press release, but websites such as PR Newswire make the submission process fast and simple.

Consult a Professional for More Offsite Marketing Techniques

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