A logo design can make or break your branding efforts. While some concepts of graphic design are timeless, others change according to industry trends, so it is important to always stay ahead of the curve. This article will discuss seven new and exciting 2018 logo design strategies you can implement for your business.

Bold color

2017 logos showed a significant amount of flash and color, and 2018 promises to continue that trend. Consider using bold color to emphasize your logo design, and use those colors throughout your other online branding efforts. From your Facebook cover photo and Twitter header to your website, there are a variety of opportunities to maintain a consistent visual brand with the use of color.

Sleek and Streamlined

Gone are the days of overly complicated logos. 2018 logo design is all about keeping things streamlined and professional. If you consider the underlying message a simple logo sends, it makes sense why consumers respond so positively to these designs. A neat, uncluttered logo gives a clean, professional edge to all of your visual marketing materials.


Unique logo designs will see even more popularity throughout 2018. The current market is all about offering value and innovation to consumers, so it makes sense that logo design should follow these patterns. A logo doesn't have to be complicated to be unique. The iconic Nike “swoosh” is proof that you can take a simple concept and turn it into something that is both unique and easily identifiable.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

When most business owners think about mobile-friendly, their first thought is web design. While a responsive website that performs well on mobile is key to successful digital marketing, mobile-friendly logo design is also important. Vector logos can expand or shrink to nearly any size without compromising quality, making them ideal for printing on business cards and promotional materials. A sure sign of unprofessional logo design is a logo that looks pixellated because its size has been adjusted. While 85 percent of marketers believe they have provided a convenient mobile experience for consumers, only 47 percent of mobile consumers believe this. It is also essential to make sure that your logo is easily visible on smaller mobile devices.

Unique Typography

While logos once used similar typography regardless of industry, 2018 logo design features an array of bold typographical features. Whether your logo is the name of your brand or contains text underneath a pictorial design, using unique fonts is a great way to set your marketing efforts apart from the competition. Use caution when designing a logo and using licensed fonts. Even fonts that appear to be free for download online may have restrictions for commercial usage. Working with a professional logo design service is the best way to make sure that your logo design is above board.

Socially Conscious

Social media marketing is no longer optional for small businesses. When it comes to logo design, you should always keep in mind how your logo will appear on social media. Does it have that “it factor” that makes consumers more likely to share your content when they see it? Think of social media profiles as the new business cards and choose a design that looks great everywhere.

Crisp Designs

In order to make a logo appear “fresh” and modern, it is important to avoid dull colors, pixillated edges and other features that make a design appear dated. This is the primary reason why the streamlined logo look has dominated 2018 logo design.

2018 Logo Design Assistance

If you need help choosing the right logo design for your brand, call Brandgy today at 352-578-2000 or contact us through email. Online marketing is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be expensive or difficult with the right assistance.