Your website is up, it is vamped up with SEO to bring people to the site, and you see an amazing amount of traffic to your e-commerce website, so why is it your sales are still struggling? If there is one thing the success of an e-commerce site depends on, it is fostering an unspoken sense of trust in visitors who do land on the pages. If a visitor determines right off that the website you own does not appear trustworthy, they will be off to look on the site of another retailer for what they need faster than you can imagine. The fact is, the lack of follow-through from landing to purchase from web traffic often comes down to overlooked website design flaws.

Your Site Lacks a Professional Appearance

There is a good reason why so many business owners choose to have their website designed by a professional. Even slight misjudgments in the overall design process can leave you with a website that immediately comes off as untrustworthy. Some of the website design flaws that lack a professional tone include:

  • odd font sizes and spacing
  • awkward or misplaced graphics
  • uncoordinated color schemes
  • visible code in weird areas
  • off kilter navigation buttons
  • missing images

Your Website Lacks an Information Page

When consumers shop online for services or products with a new company, they want to know exactly who they are dealing with and what their history is. For this reason, if you skip an information page in your website design, such as an About the Company or About Us page, a customer can feel a little apprehensive about handing over their money for services or products. Make sure you include this feature on your website because it serves as a proper introduction in virtual form (it is the simplest of the 5 website design flaws to correct).

Your Content is Riddled with Errors

There is a lot to be said about content marketing, but even basic content rules should be held at top priority during website creation. If the written content on your website is riddled with grammatical errors, misspelled words, and misplaced punctuation, the visitors who stop in can find your site unprofessional and untrustworthy in appearance. There's an assumption of unreliability that can be gathered from websites that are riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes, and that is definitely not an impression you want to give.

Your Advertising Comes Off As Too Spammy

Ads are an excellent way to market and even make extra income from your site if you sign up for affiliate programs. However, if there is one thing that can send a visitor off in a different direction, it is an e-commerce site that has way too many ads. If your website is filled with flashy advertisements and pop-up marketing ploys, consumers will see your business as a little too desperate to make a buck. About 68 percent of people say ads are fine if they are not overly annoying. If you must include ads on your website, keep them conservative and low key, not glaringly obvious.

Your Domain Name is Not Clearly Your Business's

Obtaining a domain for your business website is an important step in the website design process for three reasons.

  1. A website with an odd domain name is hard for a consumer to associate with your business.
  2. Hosted domain names, such as those with a free platform prefix like Wix or CopyPress, are rarely taken seriously by consumers.
  3. Having a domain usually gives you an email address with the same domain name.

While you may be tempted to go with cheaper alternatives for a hosted domain, this is one area of website design you cannot skimp on if you want a trustworthy end result. Even if it means you have to negotiate with a domain owner to obtain the domain you want, it is well worth the effort in the end.

At the end of the day, how trustworthy your website appears in the eyes of a consumer has everything to do with how successful your business grows to be. If you would like to learn more about website design flaws and how to avoid them, reach out to us at Brandgy.