Common Local SEO Mistakes

If you've been in the field of online marketing for a few years, chances are that you know the importance of local marketing.  Now more than ever, consumers expect to be able to connect with local businesses through online channels, such as dedicated websites, online stores and social media platforms. Half of consumers using local-mobile search are seeking information such as a business' local address, so having a strong local search presence is the key to improving your sales metrics.

Neglecting the Mobile Market

Research shows that a shocking 50 percent of people who run a local search on a business will visit a physical store within 24 hours. Mobile customers are not a force to be ignored when it comes to local marketing. Targeting these customers is a great way to stay ahead of local competitors who may not have ventured into the online sphere. While mega corporations target consumers around the world, small- to medium-sized businesses can compete through the strategic use of local search marketing. One of the most unfortunate local SEO mistakes you can make is targeting only customers who use desktop devices. A responsive website design ensures that your website looks professional no matter what type of device your online visitors are using, which puts you that much closer to a sale.

Unclaimed Social Media and Business Profiles

From Facebook to Google's My Business Page feature, one of the most common local SEO mistakes business owners make is not claiming profiles on the websites consumers most commonly use to find brands. There is a growing segment of consumers who shop and research businesses primarily through social media platforms, such as Facebook. By consistently posting on a few relevant social media platforms, you can make your brand more accessible to interested customers. This also gives you the chance to respond to any customer service issues that arise on a public forum.

Having Few Reviews or Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials from satisfied previous customers provide the social proof most consumers need before making a purchase or booking a service from your business. You can avoid one of the costliest local SEO mistakes by reaching out to past customers and requesting that they share reviews on your social media pages, or in the testimonials section of your website. This is especially important for brands who offer costlier services, such as landscaping or home repair, since many customers expect to be able to speak with others who can vouch for the company's reliability, performance and customer service record.

Doing Too Much at Once

While it may be tempting to run as many local advertising campaigns as possible, doing so makes it difficult to tell where your results are coming from. For that reason alone, doing too much at once is one of the costliest local SEO mistakes you can make. To counter this mistake, create intentionally segmented campaigns and test different keywords with each one. Over time, you will learn which keywords your customers are using to find your goods and services online and which ones aren't worth the investment of your time or money.

Overlooking Backlinks

Backlinks are a crucial component of local SEO marketing. While the days when a few quality backlinks would automatically boost your site to the top of the search engine results are gone, backlinks are still crucial. You can develop strong local backlinks by guest posting for other local businesses. Another great local marketing strategy is to get backlinks by sharing content regularly on social media.

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