Your website looks amazing… filled with catchy content and imagery that is sure to capture attention and traffic. However, the numbers of visitors that land on your site and the number of follow-throughs to check out pages or other service pages is not matching up. This could very well mean you have major website design problems. Check out these website design problems that could be sending your initially interested visitors off to find someone else.

Your website design is not mobile friendly.

Did you know that a third of all internet access actually happens from a smartphone? With that statistic in mind, think about what happens if your website is not set up for mobile use. This could mean that you potentially eliminate one-third of prospective customers simply because they cannot access your website in a functional way by using their smartphone as they prefer.

While most sites can be initially accessed with or without mobile-friendly designs, any user who hits your site from their phone may find the layout to be skewed, imagery to be missing, or a whole list of other issues, and that is definitely not good. It is best to have your website designed in a way that supports mobile function just the same as it does function on a regular PC.

Your website design is too reliant on video imagery.

There's no doubt, videos are a preferable addition to your website. After all, studies suggest that there should be a clear point made within 10 seconds of someone landing on your website and a video is a perfect way to get that done. If the information is not delivered quickly, they will be off to another site because consumers don't stick around very long to figure out what's going on unless they are already interested by something they see.

However useful videos may be, they can also be a nuisance to some visitors, especially if they are poorly integrated and there are not alternative methods for getting information. Consider a smartphone user who is trying to limit their data usage. They will often set up their browser so that video content does not automatically play. Also, for users who are hearing impaired, videos may be pointless if they don't offer visual text they can read to get information instead.

Your website's navigation buttons are not performing as expected.

Website development is a critical part of creating a successful online business, which is why so many business owners choose only the best to get this job done so they can avoid website design problems. Something as simple as not setting up navigation buttons properly can cause you to lose a lot of business. Some of the most common website button dysfunctions include:

  • navigation buttons not redirecting a visitor to the proper page
  • navigation buttons not responding at all when clicked
  • navigation buttons not opening to a completed web page

Take a discerning look at your website and the buttons that a visitor might click when they visit. If any of these are not working as they should, it is an absolute must that you get these repaired immediately. Dysfunctional navigation buttons can completely ruin your website's reputation in the eyes of a consumer.

Your website's buying features are not working.

If you have an e-commerce site, there is one aspect of the site that must be flawless; the shopping and buying features. If you have a faulty “buy” button, items are not added to the virtual cart like they are supposed to be, or there is no logical way to remove an item in the cart or shopping bag before checkout, customers can get pretty irritated with the whole experience.

For this reason, it is important to have your e-commerce website tested for these problems by a group of people who can give you feedback before the website is actually opened up for public business. This will give you a good look at the flow of the customer buying process so you can tackle any issues you find before they become an inhibiting problem for actual shoppers.

The functionality of your website as a whole could easily make or break your online business or marketing venture, and at the end of the day, even the simplest website design problems could be a stumbling block that gets in the way. If you would like to know more about how to boost the effectiveness of your business website, reach out to us at Brandgy.