In order to stay on top of the offsite marketing game, it is important to be aware of the industry changes coming in 2018. From content marketing trends to Facebook's new policy on “engagement bait,” this article will cover everything you need to know in order to keep your 2018 offsite marketing efforts up to date.

Facebook Marketing Overhaul

“Like for a chance to win a product.” “Comment below to vote for your favorite design.” If these marketing hooks sound familiar, it's because 2017 was the year of engagement for social media marketers. As the Facebook boosted post feature makes it more difficult for businesses to gain organic exposure on their posts, more marketers have begun to appeal directly to followers for engagement. Posts like these are intended to encourage engagement through likes, shares and comments in the hopes that the activity will boost the post to the top of people's newsfeeds. A new change to the Facebook algorithms could mean that this strategy will be ineffective for most 2018 offsite marketing efforts.

According to “The Verge,” Facebook is planning on demoting content that solicits user engagement through direct requests to like or comment. Another form of engagement bait that Facebook will soon crack down on is “tag baiting.” Asking users to tag friends a post might hold relevance to will be frowned upon by the new Facebook algorithms, reducing the likelihood that such posts will go viral.

Diversifying Your 2018 Offsite Marketing Efforts

How are marketers supposed to compete when one of the largest social media platforms has plans to torpedo a major ad strategy? While it can be difficult to completely restrategize when something has worked well in the past, the Facebook engagement bait policy change is proof of why you should always diversify your offsite marketing efforts. Because social media is so crucial to offsite marketing, and because the policies on these platforms are highly mercurial, all modern marketers need to be able to adapt quickly. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, but by diversifying your offsite marketing efforts to include a variety of guest posts, organic content sharing, keyword ads and other forms of promotion, you will always have something that works to your advantage. The worst marketing mistake you can make when a game changer comes about is to try to hold onto the old strategies in hopes that they will return. The good news is that many businesses will be doing just that, which gives you the advantage when you are willing to seek out new methods of reaching an audience.

Consistent Content

If there is one thing online marketers can rely on, it's the fact that content is still king and it won't be giving up the crown anytime soon. Producing a steady stream of high-quality content that offers value to consumers in your target niche is still the best way to gradually build your online brand. It is also a necessity for any 2018 offsite marketing strategy. Even if you don't have time to write content to share on social media, consider outsourcing the task to a knowledgeable employee. Intersperse your original content with quality posts and other resources shared by other influencers in your field. Curated posts are a great way to maintain the social boost on Facebook and other social media venues that comes with posting or sharing high-quality content on a consistent schedule.

Customer Service and Responsiveness

Now more than ever, consumers expect to be able to connect with your brand through various online channels. The new year poses the opportunity to update any aspect of your online customer engagement that could be lacking. From dedicating time to responding to customer service comments and complaints on social media to making sure that you respond to any issues that arise on Yelp! or other review sites, make 2018 the year you take your customer service to the next level. It's no longer enough to have excellent communications through your website or online store. Social media is where consumers interact, and it is increasingly common as the starting point for making purchase decisions. By showing a willingness to engage with customers on social media, you will be well ahead of the competition.

Getting Help with 2018 Offsite Marketing

Offsite marketing can be a challenge, but you can easily start your business off on the right foot in 2018 with a bit of help from a reputable marketing company. Contact Brandgy today at 352-578-2000 or through email to receive expert advice and assistance with your offsite marketing efforts.